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With the need for more and more quizzes, tests and assessments, Questbase aims to make creating them easy. Claiming to save time, Questbase have launched an online web-based quiz creator that allows tests and assessments to be made easily. As much as many people hate them, quizzes, tests and assessments are part of daily life. Whether at school, starting a new job, or taking part in training, it is highly likely tests will be a big part of these activities. However, creating tests is no more fun or easy than taking them, hence why Questbase saw a need to provide a solution to this problem. Many teachers, lecturers and HR and training professionals were spending too much time on test-creation, which could be better spent elsewhere. So Questbase was launched. Questbase claims to be an easy to use tool where you can create and publish assessments in just a matter of minutes. The software comes with a range of options and customizable features which makes Questbase better than other online simple quiz makers. Not only does the software enable test creation, it also has schedule, report and deliverer functions also. Luckily, no technical skill is needed to use the software and create a quiz, all you need is a supported browser like internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There is no installation or configuration required to create or take part in the Questbase tests. Questbase has a number of functions which make this assessment maker really stand out. Firstly, you can add questions in multiple ways. You can manually type, import them in, use the editor or the wizard tool. It also allows you to create different questions mixes easily, from picture questions to tough equations. All of the test instructions and hints can be personalized, as can the scores and feedback messages. Questbase allows tests to be published and used in many different ways. They can be created and used online, emailed, put on a website or printed out. All of the tests can be customized in style and using logos, as can certificates for passing. For participants, they can take the tests and have their results and reports saved. They can also view their own statistics and charts on their performance. Questbase are offering a state of the art assessment generator tool.  This new tool enables teachers or trainers to create tests and easily monitor the performance of their students and employees. It enables grades to be given quickly and statistics gathered in no time at all. Questbase is both useful as an assessment and training tool. In fact, it can be used for selection tests, as well as opinion surveys, market research, feedback and school tests, as it is a very versatile platform. Questbase took over six years to create, and is the brainchild of many award-winning application authors. Together, the company has more than seventeen years of experience in building assessment tools, and Questbase offers the best experience possible.   Business Address ============= Fidenia srl Via Calcavinazzi, 1/D 40121 Bologna Italy    Website:-  

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